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  1. First off, authorize in the Google Drive section of the Library tab. (Note: To add new files to the board you have to authorize once an hour due to Google regulations)
  2. Drag the documents onto the board.
  3. To edit your files, use the "Edit document" button in the context menu. The document will open in a new window. All the changes that you make are automatically saved and synced to Google Drive.
  4. To display the changes that you've made in the document placed on the board, use the "Update" button in the context menu.
  5. If Google Drive doesn't work, follow these instructions:
  • Go to the dashboard and click the "Account" button
  • In your profile click "Logout Google Drive"
  • Restart the service
  • Try to authorize Google Drive

The Realtime Board does not show all my files from Google Drive and neither shows the folders that I have it. How can I access all my files and folders from Google Drive?

Действительно, в Google Drive показывает только файлы корневой папки. Этот такой глюк или фича? Как загрузить файлы из папки внутри drive?

We have a Google Drive document posted by one member, but others of us cannot edit it from within realtimeboard, despite the fact that we both have permission to access the document.

Sincere question: Just how far along are you to REALLY having Google Drive Integration? i.e. Folder Structures, Permissions work multi-user, etc.

Also, is it possible to link an object to a URL? That would at least let us include the edit link for a Google Doc...


Others can't refresh the doc either.
Thank you, we are working on it
I am experiencing the same issue. If one member has inserted a google doc other members are unable to edit the doc. I have just noticed a workaround, but it's not convenient, though. When one member adds a google doc, another member can duplicate it and then everyone can edit the duplicated doc.
So, I think it's minor bug.
@Andrey Khusid.
it seems I have found out the problem. If a file is shared between all participants within the Google Drive, then the file can be easily added to a board and be edited by all. No problem at all. However, if a file has not been shared in Drive anyone else can NOT edit it via board, except the owner of the file. Hope it helps.